Lisa Nelson

Workshop | Monday 12 - Friday 16 February 2018 | TUNING SCORES LABORATORY - composition, communication, & the sense of imagination
A practice of real-time editing, feedback, recycling, and collaboration, and a multi-sensorial approach to the questions: what do we "see" when we're looking at dance? whatWhat do we "see" from within the dance? The scores offer inner and outer communication tools and practices that make apparent the ways each of us senses and makes sense of movement, initiating a playful dialogue-in-action about space, time, movement, and the desire to compose experience. They offer a framework for collaboration that is constructed by the players in the act of doing. As each player is director, tool, and observer, the practice is a performance in itself—an aesthetic game with unique consequences.
Performers and creators in all disciplines are welcome.

Performance | Saturday 17 February 2018 | Pattern Recognitions: An Invitation to Play
Lisa Nelson with Baptiste Andrien and Florence Corin (Contredanse), and François Zajéga (Polymorph)

An evening of Nelson's solo dancing and demonstration of two dancevideogames-in-progress based on Nelson's real-time-editing dance practice of Tuning Scores. The dance scores evolved from an early immersion in video technology to offer live tools of play that investigate fundamental elements of performance, dance behaviour, observation, and communication. In essence, the scores are an aesthetic game in which we reveal our desires, our imagination, and our memory in a shared image space. The computer games uncover our patterns of seeing and choice-making as we play within a field of movement, sound, and touch. Is there a leap of kinaesthetic sensation between moving one's own body in space and moving a 3D object with one's finger on a key or trackpad?
The evening concludes with a participatory game salon.
Presented in collaboration with Siobhan Davies Dance


LISA NELSON is a dance-maker, improvisational performer, and collaborative artist who has been exploring the role of the senses in the performance and observation of movement since the '70s. From an investigation of video and dance, she developed an approach to real-time editing and performance she calls "Tuning Scores." Nelson travels widely to perform, teach and create dances and maintains long-term collaborations with other artists, including Steve Paxton, Scott Smith, Daniel Lepkoff and Image Lab. She's been encouraged by receiving a NY “Bessie” Dance and Performance Award and an Alpert Award in the Arts. She has co-edited Contact Quarterly dance and improvisation journal since 1976. In recent years, she's been constructing two interactive computer video games with the Brussels publisher Contredanse that provide tools for players within a field of movement, sound, and touch.