Lauren Potter

Class Description | Morning Class | 10-14 February 2020

Lauren works with a strong emphasis on weight and gravity using the breath as a movement source and the floor as a partnership to aid the transference, shift and momentum of weight with an ease of connection through the limbs, whilst still maintaining a dynamic and articulate presence.

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Lauren trained at LCDS and subsequently danced with London Contemporary Dance Theatre for eight years. She became a founding member of Siobhan Davies Dance Company in 1988. Since working as a freelance dancer and teacher she has been involved in a wide diversity of dance projects both staged and televised.

Other choreographers with whom she has worked include, Lloyd Newson, Yolande Snaith, Jonathan Lunn, Ashley Page and most recently Rosemary Butcher. Lauren was Artistic Director for EDge - the postgraduate performance group at London Contemporary Dance School. She is currently performing and teaching as an independent artist.