Knowing Body Network

WinLab 2016 | Week 1 5 - 9 December | Dance as Medicine with Miranda Tufnell / Knowing Body Network

Miranda Tufnell leads this workshop with contributions from invited artists who are part of the Knowing Body Network (KBN). KBN develops and shares artistic practice in the growing field of dance in health.

In her morning classes Miranda will use touch and breath, movement and story to introduce themes that reveal the distinctive role of this artistic work; and these themes will be further developed in the afternoons through practical sessions, films and discussions.

Contributing artists include: Karen Adcock Doyle, Penny Collinson, Lisa Dowler Jasmine Pasch, Filipa Perieria Stubbes and Cai Tomos & Jonah Brody.


THE KNOWING BODY NETWORK was founded by a collective of experienced independent dance artists working in health and community settings.

It is a forum for artists and healthcare practitioners to exchange ideas, research and articulate creative and holistic approaches to body, movement and health

The network is committed to enquiry and shared learning, providing evidence for specialised movement practices.