Kirsten Maar

Crossing Borders | 14 October | 7 - 8.30pm

Choreography´s Architecture- Exhibitions as Sites of Kinesthetic Experience
My lecture investigates the modes of exhibiting dance in museum or gallery spaces during the past decade and traces back these intersections to the 1960s, to Minimalism, Conceptual Art and Post-Modern Dance, and questions the notions of theatricality and spectacle. How do the features of performance and exhibition intermingle, and how do the specific qualities of each art form and its sites challenge our attention economies? Imposing the “choreographic” as a mode of assignment and spatio-temporal arrangement, I will draw attention to the specifically kinaesthetic qualities the beholder experiences in these settings and further propose an architectural framework within the choreography.

This talk is presented alongside Volumes Project, strand of dance and choreographic practice which features as part of the MIRRORCITY exhibition at Hayward Gallery in conjunction with Independent Dance and Trinity Laban. Supported by Arts Council England.


Kirsten Maar is a theatre and dance scholar at the Collaborative Research Centre 626 “Aesthetic Experience and the Dissolution of Aesthetic Limits” at the Free University Berlin. Her dissertation deals with assemblages and conceptions in the choreographic work of William Forsythe and its architectural relations. She is currently working on the connections between the Judson choreographers and the visual artists in the 1960s. Her research fields are the intersections between visuals arts, architecture and choreography, kinaesthetic experience and scoring practices. She is co-editor of “Assign and Arrange. Methodologies of Presentation in Art and Dance”, together with Maren Butte, Fiona McGovern, Marie-France Raphael und Jörn Schafaff (Sternberg /autumn 2014), among other publications.