Kimberley Harvey

Research Lab 2018 | Weds 4 Jul, 10am - 12noon This Research Lab will reflect my insatiable curiosity for ‘what is means to be human’ and how (notions of) relationships factor into all of this – the relationship we have to ourselves; each other and to our environment.
Specifically we’ll explore the idea of being ‘held’ in someone else’s attention and how it can be embodied?
What form does this sense of holding take between dancers? Is it one way? Is it reciprocal?
How do you find yourself being ‘held’ in someone's attention; and what opportunities (in terms of the encounter/interaction/relationship) does it create?
Being held in someone's attention, however fleetingly, is the starting point...How can it progress? What role do the eyes have in all of this?
How can we play with how the interaction unfolds?

Gaining an embodied understanding of the other;
Mapping physicalities
As conversations between people and specific parts of the body;
Attention to detail; nuances; listening.


Kimberley Harvey is a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher. Alongside this, she is also a Candoco Artist, which includes teaching for Candoco Dance Company on a national and international basis; and co-teaches one of the weekly Candoco youth groups, 'Cando2 at Trinity Laban'.
Kimberley is a Dancer-In-Residence for GOSH Arts at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.
Over eight years of working professionally in the dance sector, Kimberley's work as a dancer has led her to performing in a variety of settings and venues for stage, outdoor festivals and site-specific work; predominately in contemporary dance, but also physical theatre.
Kimberley also has her own inclusive contemporary dance company, Subtle Kraft Co., which she formed in 2011 with friend and fellow dancer, Anna Bergström. Their work centres around 'what it means to be human'; exploring relationships, communication and connection from a variety of perspectives through live work and film.