Katye Coe

Class Description | Morning Class | 28 October - 1 November 2019

We will begin with listening and observing ourselves in motion. Specific tasks and exercises will be woven into a structured exploration of space that encourages deeper awareness and attention to both internal and external landscapes. These beginnings will move toward dancing in relationship with others and compositional play.


Katye Coe is a dance artist based in the UK. She has practiced as a performer, writer, curator and teacher since 1994. She has worked extensively with and been informed by teachers and practices including; Eva Karczag; Charlie Morrissey; Gill Clarke; Helen Poynor; Gaby Agis; Kirsty Alexander; Frank Bock and Roger Linden.

Two years ago, Katye wrote the She text, performed as a spoken performance and calling in the voice of the dancer’s experience. Shortly after this she was invited to become the first Torchlight artist at Siobhan Davies Dance and a research artist at Dance4. She has since developed a practice in teaching and performing that continues to advocate and encourage the articulation of the particular information that is generated in performing dancing as something that can be felt in the wider contemporary fields of activism and care. She is also developing a teaching methodology alongside Tom Goodwin that includes aspects of Gendlin focussing as a way for dancers to come more fully into their place in the room.

Katye teaches across the UK and internationally. She was the founding director of Decoda. She has longstanding performance practices in the work of Florence Peake and Joe Moran. She is currently at work as a dancer in Matthias Sperling’s new work ‘no-how generator’, in the Urban Flows project for Carolyn Deby, in the Music for Lectures Series with Johnathan Burrows, Francesca Fargion and Matteo Fargion and in Stefan Jovanovic’s ‘Constellations’ project.