Katja Nyqvist

Crossing Borders 2013 | Talk Description | 5 November 2013

Artists Katja Nyqvist and Nic Sandiland discuss the role of audiences’ everyday movements and cinematic techniques in shaping interactive choreography.


Katja Nyqvist is a Finnish-born dance artist and Senior Lecturer in dance at University of Roehampton, London. Katja makes and performs work for stage, gallery and outdoor spaces; her most recent collaboration was with Sheep(s), as part of Chisenhale’s Dance and the Homemade commission. Katja’s practice-led research explores the relation of body, movement and environment, and draws on her experience in improvisation, somatic practices and choreology. It currently focuses on performer-audience interactions and algorithmic performance. In addition, Katja has taught at Birkbeck, Laban, The Place, Theatre Academy of Helsinki, ISLO, University of Kent, and Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.