Julyen Hamilton

Winlab Festival 2012

Workshop 26-30 November | Mon-Fri | 11am-5pm 

Making dances: the SPACE issue

Julyen Hamilton's teaching investigates deeply the creative act and the technique needed to accompany and facilitate it.

His vision of technique is one which observes how things are made, how they function and how knowledge, experience and intuition can be used to create the work we each need to make.

It naturally enters the worlds of physiology, philosophy, culture, imagination and the future.

This workshop considers and practices the essential nature of the SPACE in which choreography and dance can be made and performed.

It penetrates the themes of radial and Cartesian space and how they affect the moving body and the theatrical space where audience and performer meet.

In recent years the compositional elements of major concern have been time space, dramaturgy, music and the voice; they stem from his experience as a dancer who creates and organises material instantly before the public.

The basic work is the handling of the body and the 'speaking' from it in space, motion and time.

Its co-ordination and its relationship to the material it creates - and then to the sharing of it in performance.

His ability to distil and convey essential principles allows dancers from a wide range of backgrounds to engage in his methodology.

Crossing Borders Talk | Tue 27 November | 7pm-8:30pm
Julyen Hamilton in conversation with Jacky Lansley

Julyen Hamilton will be in conversation with Jacky Lansley, choreographer and performance artist, who shared many of the formative contexts in the development of New Dance practice in the UK. This conversation will explore some of the practices and evolution within Julyen’s work and his current thinking as a choreographer and teacher.

Performance | Sat 1 December | 7pm | Julyen Hamilton and Billie Hanne
Julyen Hamilton - The Immaterial World

This is Hamilton’s take on the beyond 
as it resides right in the here and now. Over the past 15 years Julyen Hamilton made many solos where the spoken word has played a clear and powerful role. In The Immaterial World words are left to be as they might be in another realm. Here, the voice is mainly wordless. Here, other matters matter.

Billie Hanne - Palace

Oh Palace,

What night were we born?

is a performance piece that brings to the surface the deep language housed inside our body. Billie Hanne (BE) makes poetry for the page and for the theatre and is founder of The Wheel, a Theatre of the Poetic Imagination.


Julyen Hamilton is a dancer, choreographer, poet and teacher.
He has been making dances for over 35 years performing dance work throughout the world.
Born and brought up in England he trained in London in the 1970's, a time of radical experimentation, he has been an exponent of innovative performance since that time.
Julyen trained at the London School of Contemporary Dance and went on to be briefly in the London Contemporary Dance Theatre (at the time one of Europe's most prestigious and world travelling dance company).
His work is mostly improvised: he composes dance pieces instantly as well as the texts which often accompany them.
When choreographing with his company Allen's Line he directs dancers and lighting designers to make and perform work through this same immediacy.
Since the 80's he has performed in close collaboration with many live musicians from all over Europe. It is with some of these musicians that he gives readings of his poetry.
He is well respected for his teaching which reflects his research and development into efficient ways in which improvisational creativity can evolve and technique skills might be imparted. He is regularly invited to teach in major training centres throughout the world, his pedagogy centering around the elements of space, time, voice and dramaturgy.
He is at present presenting the solo The Immaterial World, performing duos with bass players Barre Phillips and Jean-Claude Jones (France and Israel), Ritsche Koch - live painting, dance and music (Berlin), and Local Talk with his company Allen's Line.
His label Blue Dog DVDs produces videos of his performances on DVD. A CD of his music and poetry The Edge of Letters was released in January 2012 on the Sybil Sings label in Holland.