Jessica Lerner

Class Description | Monday Night Improvisation, 15 March 2021 | ONLINE

"Looking at how form emerges from the unconscious in both drawing and dancing. Letting go of preconceived notions of form and seeing what new movement and imagery emerges. Listening for undercurrents of deep felt movement in our bodies, the quality of how the materiality of the body holds emotions and how we can move from there. We will be taking care to give ourselves stability through ground and breath and finding ways to be present with ourselves.
Please bring water colours and/or drawing materials if possible." Jessica Lerner.

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Jessica is a visual movement artist. Originally from London she has been living in Carmarthenshire, Wales since 2002, where she has a movement studio.

She has been making and showing work since 1989 within experimental dance venues and galleries. She has collaborated with film, dance, visual and sound artists. Her work is in live performance, installation and painting, and she is drawn to the wild spaces of the Black Mountain where she lives.

Jessica’s performances are playful, inventive and show vulnerability. She dances with objects and responds to location in an interplay creating a collage including somatic dance and live art. Through her improvisations, elements from family history, personal relationships and everyday life situations surface in a dreamscape of the abstract and concrete.

Jessica holds a BA hons from Goldsmiths, a post-grad from the Centre of New Dance Development, Arnhem and an MA Fine art and Contemporary Dialogues Swansea Arts College. She qualified as an Iyengar yoga teacher in 1998. She has produced over 20 solo works and collaborative performances. She has also curated time-based events and collective projects for artists crossing visual art and dance.