Jennifer Lacey

WinLab 2019

Extended Hermeneutics
With Jennifer Lacey
16 – 20 Dec
11am – 5pm
Grounded in dance and dancing, Jennifer Lacey’s research, Extended Hermeneutics, is a project that uses artworks as diving systems. She will explore concept of reading dance: bodies and their environments, and methods of interpretation and the ethical implications.
The ‘reading’ may occur through methods of study, interpretation, oration, divination or something else we do not know yet.


Jennifer Lacey is an American dance artist based in Paris. Her constant project is a renegotiation of production methods, generating pieces that are always based in dancing but don’t always look like dance. She creates works that propose an inventive and playful hermeneutics of bodies and their environments. Often co-signing and collaborating, the products of her activity unbind dance from the spectacular whilst still investing in the multiple ways that the performative can manifest, effect and communicate. Her works have been produced and staged internationally in theatres, museums, galleries, workshops and publications. She is a recipient of a Doris Duke Impact Fellowship and a Guggenheim Fellowship.