Jean Abreu

Class Description | Morning Class, 22 - 26 March 2021 | ONLINE

Thinking(E)Motion or Body Cyclones

As well as building technique and skills, Jean’s classes focus on composition, thinking and decision-making processes that accompany movement and choreography. His methodology encourages dance artists to search for movement impulses that are urgent and necessary and that come from a primal origin. His class hopes to move away from pre-made movement structures, broadening the spectrum of possibilities that the body can offer. It is designed to help participants to develop their ability to listen to their body’s sensorial actions, attuned to the continuous process of making choices, as performers, dancers and social beings.

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Jean Abreu is a dance artist, choreographer and artistic director of his own independent dance company, Jean Abreu Dance. He is based in London and works internationally. His movement practices have evolved from using the body as a tool to articulate human emotions, memories and experiences. He considers the body to hold the key to explain who we are and what we feel, offering us a channel and primal language which we can communicate with. As a dance maker he is interested in how physical language opens up endless possibilities for translating our inner sensations; a way of processing information and a means to communicate and connect to others.

Jean’s movement derives from a wide range of dance languages, intertwining references from contemporary dance, somatic practices and Brazilian popular dance influences, which are part of his early training. Ultimately his practices come from the belief that the body is in a continual state of transformation. Articulating this sense of flow is an act of being present and connected to our needs.