Helen Poynor

Workshop description | Saturday 18 February | 11am - 5pm | Landscapes of Embodied Interaction

People moving ‘independently’, dancers in a studio or pedestrians in a town square, create a constantly changing landscape, which they are both affected by and contribute to.

Non-stylised movement scores will be used to explore the inter-relationship of moving beings in space.

Space is encountered materially, moving through levels and layers, from upright to the floor, from close to the body to the spaces between bodies.

Moving incorporating breathing, sensing and seeing strengthens the capacity to be in touch with oneself and simultaneously open and responsive to the environment. This fosters an embodied sense of presence in relation to others, in performance and in daily life.

Sunday 22 January | Twofold + one
An evening of performance and film with Eva Karczag, Gaby Agis, Sylvia Hallett and Helen Poynor.

Gaby Agis and Eva Karczag have been exploring an on-going dialog in their duet Slapping Legs and Stepping Out through a number of meetings and performances. This is the latest reiteration.

occur recur
Sylvia Hallett and Eva Karczag have worked together, with visual artist Chris Crickmay, as part of the Promenade trio, but this is the first time they meet as a duet within performance

In Memoriam - a film by Helen Poynor and Annie Pfingst
A lone dancer traverses intimate landscapes of desolation and loss, passing from autumn to the depths of winter. Filmed over three seasons in Blackbury Camp, in the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
The most recent work in an ongoing collaboration between movement artist Helen Poynor and visual artist Annie Pfingst which includes site-specific performances and installations in Australia, Java and the UK.


Helen Poynor runs the Walk of Life Workshop and Training Programme in Non-stylised and Environmental Movement on the Jurassic Coast. As a performer and director she specialises in site-specific and auto-biographical performance and collaborations with film, installation and the visual arts. Films include In Memoriam with Annie Pfingst (2016) and Coat – the turning and returning of the tide with Hilary Kneale and Vicky Vergou (2014).

A Visiting Professor of Performance at Coventry University Helen mentors established and emerging performers/artists and movement practitioners. She is a registered Dance Movement Therapist and Somatic Movement Therapist. Her practice is strongly influenced by her early training with Anna Halprin and Suprapto Suryodarmo and her background in theatre.