Hagit Yakira

Class Description | Monday Night Improvisation | 19 November 2018 | 6:30 - 8:30pm

Working through long guided processes of improvisation, Contact Improvisation and different physical tasks, you will be guided to touch sensations, emotions, memories, relationships and connectivity. We will work through the notion of repetition and exhaustion, exhausting elements explored through details and energy. In-between moving and reflecting a sense of intimacy and bonding will happen and with it a physical challenge.
The fun environment enables Hagit to push the participants to their limits and to enjoy moving. Combining her skills and expertise as a dance movement therapist with her philosophical approaches to dance, performance and education, she encourages passionate, emotional and experimental approach to dancing and improvisation.
The class enables people to develop an ownership and authorship of their own movement, it class challenges the dancers physically, and, at the same time, works towards creating a sense of a community.
Hagit believes in a positive, emotional, energetic, vibrant and fast way of teaching. Hagit works through musicality and playfulness. Hagit’s teaching methodologies combine her background knowledge as a Dance Movement Therapist with her artistic philosophy and approach.
The class allows insight into the way Hagit works with her Company of dancers in London, with whom she creates choreographic works that perform internationally. Hagit has been facilitating these classes for both professional dancers and the community around Europe, Scandinavia, UK and Israel and has many dedicated followers. She is now writing her PhD in choreography, where she is articulating her approach and philosophy with her practical work as a teacher, choreographer and performer.
The class aims to develop creativity and virtuosity; it challenges the dancers to take risks, to work with and against their habits and individual movement choices.


Award Winning Israeli choreographer Hagit Yakira founded Hagit Yakira Dance Company in 2007 and has since gone on to tour the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Israel. So far she has created eight works for her company amongst many other commissioned works for other companies and students. Hagit Yakira Dance Company creates work whereby human experiences, movement and dance are uniquely and poetically interwoven into an individual interpretation of relationships and emotions through dance and performance.
Two of her company works were awarded: first prize for 'Oh Baby' in the 'Kajaani Choreography Competition', Finland 2009, and second prize for 'Somewhere between a self and another' in the 'Burgos New York Choreography Competition' (New Dance Trend Category), Spain 2007.
She has toured in numerous festivals and dance platforms in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and in Israel. She has also been choreographing for different companies and institutions around Europe and the UK as well as leading performance projects and workshops for both professional dancers and the community. Hagit is a teacher and a guest choreographer at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Trinity Laban and at The Place and since summer 2011 she has been delivering workshops at ImPulsTanz, Vienna. Recently Hagit has been choreographing and teaching in Norway, and has been invited to collaborate with the Stavanger University since 2014 to develop their renewed dance programme, she is now a member of faculty there. Hagit has been developing a personal style and way of teaching. She is constantly in demand to deliver classes for professional dancers and the community around the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Israel with many dedicated followers. Hagit's training commenced at the Music and Dance Academy in Jerusalem, Israel. After qualifying as a Dance Movement Therapist in 2004, Hagit relocated to London where she completed an MA in European Theatre Dance (2005). 2013 has seen Hagit choreographing her new work, teaching in Vienna, Hungary and Israel, alongside undertaking a PhD in Choreography at Trinity Laban, researching the notion of choreographing autobiographies while discussing feminism, the theory of affect and storytelling.
Hagit was recently commissioned by Yorkshire Dance and the University of Leeds as part of Respond and the work has been presented in Yorkshire and London.
Hagit's aim is to develop a personal approach, which is based on close collaboration with various artists working within different art forms. In her work she explores different aspects of human relationships, by playing with fiction and reality, emotion and feeling, and by shifting between drama and humour. Her approach in general, as well as to the movement research, is based on autobiography, and different physical exploration of emotions; she is being informed by her background as a dance movement therapist alongside her background as a performer and a choreographer.
Audiences engage with the work because of its empathic nature that draws out the feelings and emotion in the dancers that are identifiable to all. Her warm approach enables her to talk to people through her work in a way that is compassionate and relevant to a wide age rand from diverse background.