Guy Claxton

Crossing Borders 11 October 2011

Intelligence in the Flesh
A conversation between Guy Claxton and Gill Clarke

The science of Embodied Cognition is changing the face of psychology. Minds, it seems, are not a kind of abstract intelligence that bosses bodies around; rather they are emanations of bodily processes that are themselves highly intelligent. This intelligence makes itself known as much through intuitions and physical promptings as through deliberate thought. This conversation between learning scientist Guy Claxton and dancer Gill Clarke will explore the relationship between the science and the experience of movement and action, touching on play, making things, and what dance might be for.


Since September 2008, Guy has been Co-Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning and Professor of the Learning Sciences, at the University of Winchester. He previously held the same title at the University of Bristol Graduate School of Education. He has a ‘double first’ from Cambridge in Natural Sciences and a DPhil from Oxford in experimental psychology.