Gaby Agis

Class Description | ID Online | 22 -26 June 2020

Gaby Agis will give five daily audio movement sessions recorded in five London Parks: St. Mary's Churchyard Gardens, Rotherhithe; Burgess Park; Hyde Park; Archbishop's Park; St James's Park. These recordings are each about 30 minutes in length and were created over the past two months. They have been specially designed for participation within a small space—particularly within a home environment—and provide a structure for deep listening whilst moving. After the audio session, the participant will be invited to continue in self-directed creative practice.

Please note these sessions will not be live online, but will be creative materials for you to access and work with in your own time.

Click here for an interview with Gaby about her work and career: Hear from ID artists


Gaby Agis is a choreographer, teacher and dancer living in London, UK. She has been making performances for the past thirty-five years – both nationally and internationally – collaborating with artists from a wide range of fields: from architecture to opera to sculpture to film. She has created many site-specific works – for hospitals, train stations, museums, art galleries, and theatres – and has sat on the boards of several dance organizations, acted as a director of her own company, and worked as a dance curator. Gaby has taught the Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) throughout the UK, USA and Europe for the past 25 years. Since 2010 she has been a faculty member for The SRT Teacher Training Programmes. This technique has been intrinsic to her creative practice.

Gaby Agis