Francis Angol

Class Description | Morning Class, 15 - 19 March 2021 | ONLINE

Embodied Flow – Negotiating Body, Space and Breath

These classes will focus on synthesising cultural traditions with contemporary norms through body, space and breath.

'We will explore contemporary dance art that is influenced by the philosophical teachings and practices of dance from the African Diaspora and somatic practices.

We will explore the inner flow of wakefulness, and experience embodied practice through an intercultural dialogue of rhythm, movement, breath and the imagination, offering individuals a space for self-actualisation through exploration and expression. These classes aim to unlock knowledge and understanding of one’s physical and mental body through reflection to bring about a fuller and grounded presence to quality of expression." Francis Angol

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Francis Angol is an experienced performer, choreographer, lecturer in dance (University of Surrey), and a Somatic movement educator/therapist. A former ACE Fellowship artist, he has worked extensively within the dance sector, contributing to the enrichment of British dance culture through the production of a range of training programmes, classes, courses and performance works. Francis works across the UK and internationally, within professional, education and community practice. He founded Movement Angol Dance in 2001, a London-based company that works with movement and dance for professional development, creative learning and wellbeing.

Although working in other forms, his practice is based around his approach to Contemporary Dance where he has developed a language of expression that synthesises Western Contemporary dance with elements of dance of the African Diaspora, underpinned by Somatic practice. His work is deeply rooted in the spirituality of the self, a way of life that taps into the unspoken rhythmic dialogue of mind and body. His practice offers a way of allowing the individual to journey through a widening field of possibilities, allowing self-expression to organically unfold.

As a performer / choreographer and creative educator, he works to blend his accumulated knowledge of dance and the arts with that of his lived experience, to help individuals bring about clarity, meaning and understanding to their bodies so that they can reach a place of connection from within. He strives to encourage change by influencing the future through impacting the present with work that is accessible, inclusive, and physically and mentally empowering.