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Class description | Morning Class | 16 - 20 January 2017
Joined at the Hips - Exploring the Hip Joints
For many dancers, the area of the hip joints can be a place of great tension, immobility and frustration. In this workshop, we will sink into the hip-sockets, examining the role they play in transmitting freedom, both to the legs and to the rest of the body. Using anatomical information, directed touch and image, we will enter states of inner listening through slow, sensory investigations. We will actualize our discoveries and insights through dancing, alone and together.

Sunday 22 January | Twofold + one
An evening of performance and film with Eva Karczag, Gaby Agis, Sylvia Hallett and Helen Poynor.

Gaby Agis and Eva Karczag have been exploring an on-going dialog in their duet Slapping Legs and Stepping Out through a number of meetings and performances. This is the latest reiteration.

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Sylvia Hallett and Eva Karczag have worked together, with visual artist Chris Crickmay, as part of the Promenade trio, but this is the first time they meet as a duet within performance

In Memoriam - a film by Helen Poynor and Annie Pfingst
A lone dancer traverses intimate landscapes of desolation and loss, passing from autumn to the depths of winter. Filmed over three seasons in Blackbury Camp, in the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
The most recent work in an ongoing collaboration between movement artist Helen Poynor and visual artist Annie Pfingst which includes site-specific performances and installations in Australia, Java and the UK.


For the past four decades independent dance artist, Eva Karczag, has practiced, taught and advocated explorative methods of dance making. She performs solo and collaborative work internationally, and many of her collaborations involve links across the arts. Her performance work and her teaching are informed by dance improvisation and mindful body practices, including the Alexander Technique (certified teacher), Ideokinesis, Taiji/Qigong and Yoga.

Eva was a member of leading groups in the field of experimental dance, Strider (UK, 1972-75), and Dance Exchange (Australia, 1976-79), and danced with the Trisha Brown Dance Company (NY, 1979-85) creating original roles in Opal Loop, Son of Gone Fishin' and Set and Reset. She continues to teach through the company education program in NY and elsewhere. She has taught dance and the Alexander Technique at major colleges and studios throughout the USA, Europe and Australia, including a sustained period of teaching on the faculty of the European Dance Development Center, (EDDC) Arnhem, The Netherlands (1990-2002). Eva also has a Master of Fine Arts degree (Dance Research Fellow) from Bennington College, VT, USA.

Recent performances include Promenade, a series of improvised durational performance/installations with visual artist Chris Crickmay and composer Sylvia Hallett; and on-going collaborative duets with Gaby Agis (Winlab, London), with Malgven Gerbes (Tanzfabrik, Berlin), and with Shelley Senter (Freedom to Move Conference, NY). Together with Vicky Shick, she has reset Set and Reset/Reset at the Budapest Contemporary Dance School, the Modern Dance Department of the Amsterdam Theater School, and at Princeton University.

Through her performing and teaching, she aims to communicate her love of full-bodied dancing and her interest in the practice of being in the moment.

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