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Online Resources, 4 - 16 May 2021 | CLASS RECORDINGS

Touch In The Time Of Distancing
We are wired to touch and be touched. As we near the end of a year of social distancing, many of us are facing what scientists term ‘skin hunger’. Those of us who engage with forms of dance where touch is such an integral part of what we do, are practicing techniques we can call on. These awaken our senses and can revitalise us physically and emotionally.

In this workshop, we will draw on the simple fact that touch is an ability we all have, an innate skill that we can hone and use. Our explorations will focus on our own touch, and will incorporate principles from mindful physical practices that include the Alexander Technique and Ideokinesis. We will observe how touching and sensing consciously can reveal fresh details about our physical structure, stimulate our imagination and rekindle our pleasure in moving.

These classes will be available as video recordings, available through a link. The recordings were first made available in January 2021.

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Since the early 1970s, independent dance artist, Eva Karczag, practices, teaches, and advocates for explorative methods of dance making. She performs solo and collaborative work internationally, many of her collaborations bridging diverse disciplines such as writing and video, music and visual art. Both her performing and teaching are informed by dance improvisation and mindful body practices including Ideokinesis, Taiji/ Qigong, and the Alexander Technique (ACAT certified teacher) whose concepts, in particular, shape her methodology.

Eva was a member of leading groups in the field of experimental dance, Strider (UK, 1972-75), Dance Exchange (Australia, 1976-79. She danced with the Trisha Brown Dance Company (NY, 1979-85) creating original roles in Opal Loop, Son of Gone Fishin' and Set and Reset. Her teaching experience spans the range of major colleges, studios and organizations throughout the U.S., Europe and Australia, to private practice and individual mentoring. Between 1990-2002 she spent a period of sustained teaching on the faculty of the European Dance Development Center (EDDC), Arnhem, Netherlands. She has a Master of Fine Arts degree (Dance Research Fellow) from Bennington College, VT, USA.

Recent performances include: Elsewhere with Daniele Albanese (Berlin, Milan, Parma, October/November 2019); your blue is my purple, with Vicky Shick, (Sundays on Broadway, NYC, April 2019); Promenade 7: Theatre of Memory, the 7th in a series of improvised durational performance/installations titled Promenade, with visual artist, Chris Crickmay and composer, Sylvia Hallett (Improspekcije2018 Festival, Zagreb, Croatia, November 2018); Vapour Sketches with Bettina Neuhaus (Huy, Belgium, November 2018); Stephanie Skura’s Surreptitious Preparations for an Impossible Total Act (SFDI, Seattle, August 2018); Slapping Legs and Stepping Out, ongoing duet-dialog with Gaby Agis (Siobhan Davies Studio, London, January 2017).

The New York Judson dance revolution of the 1960's and 70’s has been profoundly influential, giving her current dance practice a foundation of respect for the moving body, and a passion for creative process and experimentation.

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