Elisa Vassena

Class Description | Morning Class | 17-21 February 2020

In these two hours we can expect to dance ourselves through solo/ group improvisations, juggle games and potentially face and dig into some set material. We will sometimes work with touch, with the material of the gaze, with fleeting images and familiar/ unfamiliar coordinations. We will find routes and tactics to nurture attention, curiosity and availability for the unfolding of our dancing: the multiple relationships between the habitual, training, desire, how you are doing today and all the other multiple agencies in the room.

Classes will be led by Elisa and Janine in different ways and be grounded in physical research and invitations for: play, sense of togetherness, exploration with and without landing anything, obsession, overload, sweating, light-footed encounters and space for each to navigate their own way through what comes up.


Elisa is a dancer, performer, occasionally an aspiring drummer/noise maker and doodler, holding a BA(Hons) in Dance Theatre from LABAN (2009-2012).
Since graduating, she has been performing freelance with various artists, such as Tilted Productions/Maresa von Stockert, Janine Harrington, DKHP, Pablo Bronstein, Irina Baldini, mostly performing in theatre non conforming spaces, especially in museums or galleries, in often durational and interactive works.
As well as working for other artists, Elisa collaborates with Stella Papi in the duo SALSAROSA - not a salsa company, but a duo that moves, sometimes — as well as investing her time in her own practice and creative desires, which navigate around drawing/printmaking, writing, sound/movement landscapes.