Eeva-Maria Mutka

Welsh Takeover 2019 | Monday Night Improvisation | Mon 16 Sep 2019
Somatic. Dance. Improvisation.

Sometimes we get a feeling we 'just need to move' or let the body lead, let the energy shift a level, make something, and arrive on the other side. Through dance we can investigate the present moment sense of our body, allow space and fluidity...movement, stillness, response, action and relaxation.

With more of a sense of ourselves, we practice opening our attention towards others and the space. What's it like inhabiting this space, being in this moment, together?

We improvise to a score, we move in response to a playful proposal, a query, a dilemma. Crossing the invisible line from our everyday movement to dance we explore how image, visual, auditory and touch stimuli can create new form in the body and in space.

Improvisation is a life practice of curiosity and openness. Nothing is fixed, our inner life is forever shifting, and the relationships we are in change and adapt accordingly.

Eeva-Maria will share from her experience of nearly 30 years in performance. Her sessions are open to all movers whatever your age, experience and ability. There's time for writing or drawing, resting and watching in a supportive way.


Eeva-Maria Mutka, from Finland, trained initially at LAMDA, and has been performing internationally in dance theatre & film, site specific works and cross art form improvisations since 1992: most recently in Sally E Dean & Charlotte Ostergaard's somatic costume work Traces of Tissues, Miranda Tufnell/David Ward/Sylvia Hallett piece Pneuma and Gaby Agis’s Close Streams. She explores Body, Movement, Environment relationships through dance theatre and offers Somatic movement workshops with Andy Paget under the umbrella of ‘this is somatic’ at Penpynfarch, their rural studio in Wales. She leads Community dance with the elderly, Stroke survivors & adults with learning disabilities, Creative Dance and Movement Play with children, and Touch Trust sessions with disabled children.