Dr Patricia Lyons

Crossing Borders 2013 | Talk description | 15 October 2013

Ostensibly a 20th century invention, the origins of camouflage appear in a deep-rooted past, where the figure of history disappears in its surroundings. The mimetic effect of camouflage can be glimpsed in a chameleon’s colourings, or heard in the tick tock soundings of onomatopoeic words. In this lecture, Patricia Lyons will explore mimetic practices in order to draw out the complex entanglements that articulates the observer and the observed.


Dr. Patricia Lyons is the School of Fine Art Research Leader at the Royal College of Art. She is an artist who writes and lectures on the performative in practice. She has written on the work of Margarita Gluzberg, Ana Mendieta, Unica Zurn and is currently working on a book on Joan Jonas.