David Harradine


David is co-artistic director of Fevered Sleep, making performance, film, installation, books and digital art. Fevered Sleep’s practice is research led, collaborative, and cross-disciplinary. It appears in very diverse places, from theatres, galleries and cinemas, to beaches, parks, schools and the spaces of everyday life: in people’s homes, on phones, online. It’s created collaborativel,y with artists, scientists, academics, children, professionals and non-professionals, who enter the work as research partners, co-creators, performers, thinkers, writers and participants.

This practice - which is concerned with making thoughtful, complex, empathetic, political art - explores a number of recurring themes: the connections between the human and more-than-human worlds, and how deeply identity develops in relation to place; intergenerational relationships and the life course, from childhood to death; and science/scientific phenomena (with subjects as diverse as the theory of biophilia, particle physics and X-ray crystallography).

David is also Professor of Interdisciplinary Practice at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.