Crosby McCloy

Winlab Festival 2011

Writing and Improvisation Laboratory
Andrew Morrish and Crosby McCloy

This workshop will offer an opportunity to research ways in which the practices of writing and improvisation can inspire each other. We will look at how words arise from movement and movement animates texts. We will use different processes to develop, perform and refine our writing. We will shift between movement, speaking and writing to discover new ways of working towards performance.

Do you enjoy language and want to access it from a new angle? Are you willing to move, speak, and write? Language play will be triggered by various creative situations. We will explore language through movement by activating memory and imagination. Investigate how the power of improvising with words can improve your perception of language and ability to articulate. We will look at elements of space, dynamic, atmosphere and character as ways to elicit movement and writing.

Crossing Borders Talk

Crosby and Andrew will interview each other about their history, practice and current focus in writing and performance.

Friday Night Informal Performance

This evening will be in 3 sections, with each section representing the work of Crosby McCloy, Seke Chimutengwende and Andrew Morrish.
Each has devised a form that involves movement and text work. They will work with ideas and work methods that have been developed in the workshop, and they also feel that they can go beyond these ideas in search of their own artistic interests.


Crosby McCloy has a MFA in Creative Writing and Performance from Bard College Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts. She is a passionate improviser, living, teaching, and performing her own work in Berlin since 1999.

She is a writer and performer who combines different movement styles, book arts and community performance with her interest in creative writing and the spoken word.
She has performed more than 40 solo works in venues in the US, the Netherlands and Germany. This is her premiere in the UK.