Corinne Jola

Crossing Borders 2016 | 29 November, 7 - 8.30pm | Touching Spectators - Spectating Touch
Touch is a very special sense. It is the most intimate of all senses and in close relationship with the ‘sixth sense’, proprioception. Where we are touched, how, when and by whom is of crucial importance to our sense of touch and ultimately our response to it. Dance audiences can feel touched through spectating touch as well as through the kinaesthetic sense of looking at dancers in motion. Hence, when dancers touch audiences, they can do so without actually touching them. In this talk, Corinne will discuss scientific approaches to these forms of touch and exemplify artistic applications.


Corinne is a scientist, lecturer and choreographer based in Dundee. She trained in Psychology and Dance with a Masters awarded in Choreography (Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance) and a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience (University of Zurich). The dialogue between science and dance is given a real voice through her comprehensive interdisciplinary approach. In her role as a facilitator for communication between the disciplines, she aims at developing effective understandings of how people interact and communicate with each other. Her research investigates the neuronal and phenomenal links of embodiment in the sensory and motor system in dancers, non-dancers, and dance spectators. Her research has been published internationally in book chapters and peer-reviewed journals. She provides workshops for dancers and actors on the perceptual, cognitive and neuronal mechanisms underlying their practice internationally (ImpulseTanz-Vienna, Trinity Laban-London, ESADIB-Palma/Majorca, FAA-Bataville/France, Tanzfabrik-Berlin). Her performances and installations have been selected at festivals and conferences in the UK and abroad (eg. Bluecoat Gallery-Liverpool, The Place-London, Deptford Street Festival-London, Fringe-Edinburgh, Tanzhaus-Zurich, Dance Festival-Olten, Culture Garage-Solothurn, Hannah Maclure Centre-Dundee, Ignite Festival-Dundee, Scottish Dance Theatre Scale Festival-Dundee).