Claire Cunningham

In this workshop Claire will share methods and scores central to her work, opening up dialogues about where her choreographic practice based around attending/attention and perception, and practices learned from normative-bodied artists, meets with concepts of Crip politics -such as Crip time- and the phenomenology/lived experience of disability.

Through talking, moving, watching, listening (and possibly writing or documenting in a manner accessible to you, eg drawing, audio recording, etc) we will engage in tasks looking at
• attending to our own attention
• the connection between movement and language
• communication and consent
and the potential within these scores in gaining ownership (or reownership) over our bodies and for new modes of noticing, moving and improvising.

This workshop is open to people of diverse physicalities and sensory modalities, the work will use structured improvisation and allows everyone to engage at their own chosen levels of energy, pace and scale of movement.


Claire Cunningham is a performing artist and choreographer based in Glasgow, Scotland and a current Factory Artist with Tanzhaus, Düsseldorf and Associate Artist in The Place, London. One of the UK’s most acclaimed and internationally renowned self-identifying disabled artists, Cunningham’s work is often rooted in the study and use/misuse of her crutches and the exploration of the potential of her own specific physicality with a conscious rejection of traditional dance techniques (developed for normative bodies). This runs alongside a deep interest in the lived experience of disability and its implications not only as a choreographer but also in terms of societal notions of knowledge, value, connection and interdependence.
Claire is currently touring Give Me a Reason to Live (2014), Guide Gods (2014) and The Way You Look (at me) Tonight (2017), a duet with Jess Curtis, and is developing a new ensemble work Thank You Very Much for 2019.