Chris Crickmay

Walking on Water (Promenade 6)
The performance, which effectively dissolves the boundaries of dance, sound and visual art, is the outcome of a residency in rural Sweden – a land of lakes and forests. What has emerged may possibly seem like a mix between an eccentric removal company and a dance, with sonic elements in which often incongruous events occur. The whole is intended to create a sense of place, which is partly real (a specific location) and partly imagined (our own responses to that location).


Chris Crickmay, Originally trained as an architect, he is now an installation artist and writer, specializing in interactive environments for performance in the context of art/dance collaborations. Throughout his career he has taught art and design in universities and colleges and independently taught collaborative practice in performance. He is co-author with Miranda Tufnell of two books, entitled: Body, Space, Image: Notes Towards Improvisation and Performance, Dance Books (1990) and A Widening Field: Journeys in Body and Imagination, Dance Books (2004).