Charlotte Spencer

Class Description | Morning Class, 28 June - 2 July 2021 | AUDIO SCORES & ONLINE
The audio scores are an invitation to explore our bodies in relation to place. They offer ways to be with, to notice, to take time moving, listening, resting and writing in spaces that are local to you; to find ways to experience familiar places afresh. Feel free to pause the audio if you need/want more time with any one proposition.

What if you decided to take your walk(s) at dawn, or dusk, or night? How might that change your encounter? Perhaps take a small bag with space for a bottle of water, a snack, and a notebook. These scores can be done once, or every day across the week, as a repeated practice.

ONLINE CLASSES (Thu 01 - Fri 02 July):
An important part of my practice is held in the possibilities afforded by shared, live encounters - so it felt too aloof to only offer resources to do alone, in your own time. Thursday’s session will focus on practicing modes of construction working with our bodies and the objects around us in our homes. Friday’s session will focus on touch and tactility. These live sessions will combine scores for moving, talking, reflecting and writing.

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Charlotte Spencer is a choreographer, teacher, curator, mentor, performer. Her artistic practice is motivated by interests to engage with social and ecological questions and to find ways to express those enquiries through intimate live encounters with audiences. She often makes work for outdoor spaces, inviting people to re-encounter their bodies and their environments through action and participation. Making processes are deeply collaborative, involving long immersive residency periods which have included 3000 km cycle rides and building camps in forests.

Charlotte is perhaps best known for her performances through headphones:
Is this a Waste Land? (2017), made for vast disused urban spaces; and Walking Stories (2013), a group audio walk for parks. She has made performance work with young people, older adults, community groups as well as professional artists. She is currently working on a book and new research exploring ideas about touch and consent. Current commissioning and presentation partners include Sadler’s Wells, Dance North, The Place, Siobhan Davies Studios, Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund, Wellcome Collection and South East Dance.