CB 2012 Dance artists

Crossing Borders 2012 - 16 October 2012

Dance Artists participating in These associations at Tate Modern (2012) and Move: Choreographing You at Hayward Gallery (2011) who will share how rethinking their practice is developing from emerging museum contexts where increasingly, dance and performance are taking their place alongside other art practices. This conversation is chaired by dance artist Nicola Conibere.


Paola Di Bella is an Italian born performer working between London and Brussels, currently exploring the spectrum of performance utilising movement and the body.

Christopher Matthews is an American-born, London-based visual artist and performer focusing on agitating the aspects of choreography through video art, live performance and photography.

A native Californian, Amanda Prince-Lubawy is a dance artist and writer whose work is largely excited by questions of the body as a performing archive, continually reproducing matter, routines, and disciplines.

Megan Saunders is a dance artist whose activities focus mainly on learning, participation and territory within the framework of movement and choreography.

Lizzie Sells is an independent dance artist constantly involved in varied performance situations which has led her to investigate: What is the role of the performer?

Swedish born Else Tunemyr is an independent performance maker whose interest lies in questioning images of the body and representation of the performer.