Carolyn Roy

Class Description | Morning Class | 2-6 March 2020

As a dancer and dance maker I am interested in composition that arises co-creatively — through being with others, dancing in groups, duets or simultaneous solos, using practices of attention such as listening, touch, stillness and curiosity.

During this week these practices will underpin an exploration of being with words as our companions in dancing, working with words that nourish dancing and vice versa. I propose experimenting with words that stand alongside, encounter, resonate in or emerge through our dancing and through witnessing others dancing; with stories, thought clouds, word images and scores, and the kinships that each of us find with particular texts, ideas and movements; with the relations between dancing, writing and mark making.

Sessions are conceived as spaces for research and experiment with the hope that participants use them to explore or expand their own practice through a different lens.

Please bring notebooks for drawing and writing, feel free to speculate, ask questions and dance.


Carolyn Roy is a London based dancer, writer and teacher. Her work examines the body meeting with the world through improvising and walking, the material that emerges in this encounter and the compositional potential of somatic practice. It is concerned with attention, perception, and relationships. Formative influences of Skinner Releasing Technique and Body Weather continue to inform this practice. In addition to her own projects, she has performed with Gaby Agis, Pacitti Company, Tino Sehgal, Florence Peake, and Lizzy Lequesne, and is currently a PhD practitioner researcher at Roehampton University.