Caroline Scott

Class Description | Morning Class | 27-31 January 2020

How can we embrace our habitual tendencies to move in certain ways, whilst at the same time investigate some new possibilities, not only in our movement but how we think, act and feel. The Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education offers us a great opportunity to dive into this world of learning and experience ourselves with some new insight. We will take time this week to go slowly and tune in to the many unique ways in which you move in both your dancing and day to day activities. We will explore lessons which address the ways that you might hold tension in your chest, upper spine and neck as well as clarifying support & stability for these places from your feet and ankles, indeed though your whole self.

Each morning session will begin with a Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement lesson. Structured improvisations then allow this learning to feed into your dancing and the ability to sense yourself on the 'inside' whilst being fully present in the performance space. We will work together sometimes through touch, sometimes through observation and feedback and of course through dancing alone and with others. There will be a thread of continuity from Monday to Friday but each lesson will be accessible as a stand alone learning experience.


Caroline has worked in dance since 1989, performing with Nomads Dance Company, The Levi Sisters, Entelechy/Yolande Snaith and the Monday Group.

In 1996 she became lecturer in Dance at the University of Derby, teaching on the undergraduate programme for six years. In 1997 she cofounded Wild Ducks with Mieke Chill, providing movement and dance opportunities for young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

Caroline's work has many influences including: Steve Paxton and Touchdown dance, the Alexander Technique, improvisation with Julyen Hamilton, classes at the Klein Studios and summer schools with Gill Clarke, Scott Clark and Lucia Walker.

Caroline completed the Amsterdam International Feldenkrais Training (AIFT) in October 2002 and since moving to Yorkshire in 2005 she has taught at Northern School of Contemporary Dance alongside developing her Feldenkrais practice.