Bojana Cvejić

WinLab 2019 | Bojana Cvejić | 14 – 15 Dec | 11am – 5pm

If Not Now, Maybe Later
Towards a poetics of imagination

Poetics can be distinguished from other kinds of thought exercised in art by virtue of its capacity to ponder a curious question: “What is the art I would like to see before I can see it?” To muse on a poetical principle, for instance, how to be with empty hands in a performance, is different from creation by posing or choreographing a problem, whereby ideas and forms of sensibility develop in parallel, in a problematic and discordant relationship.
While problems are posed in order to further one’s creation beyond habit, poetical principles direct the thought of creation toward imagination into futurity often leading to a poetic usage of language. Principles do not promise sensations or images, but demand more words in the effort of imagining where a new creation process might begin. If not now, maybe later

In this two-day workshop, we will attend to those ideas which make us hesitate and to which we eventually return, obsess with or leave aside for a better future. The goal is to test our poetical imagination with words and inklings unmoored from productional realism. We will be looking at how writing shapes the conceptual imagination in dance and performance.
Please, bring your writings as well as any textual material which you relate to potential creation.

WinLab 2019 | Artist talk with Bojana Cvejić | Sat 14 Dec | 7-8:30pm

Aesthetic individualism, or dancing solo in 21st century

In search of how we perform ourselves in current capitalist society, we repeatedly stumble upon art. The experience of one’s individuality and autonomy in self-creation and self-expression points to the aesthetic authority that performing arts exert on the formation of the self today. Add to that the new venues of self-performance such as social media plus the new business of “artification”, and the prophecy from the 1960s-70s that “everyone is an artist” and that “in future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” has been fulfilled. This talk will unfold the new truth games in which individuals seek their self-knowledge in embodiment and artistic-like intensity. How do aesthetic qualities of experience shape a predominantly individualized sense of the self? Alternatively, can one perform oneself transindividually, in a kind of collective individuation?


Bojana Cvejić's work spans philosophy, theater and performance education. She is author of several books (Choreographing Problems, Palgrave 2015, Public Sphere by Performance, with A. Vujanović, bbooks 2012 and three volumes of A Choreographer’s Score with A. T. De Keersmaeker, Mercatorfonds 2011-13) and collaborated on many theater and dance works as dramaturge/performer/writer since 1996. Cvejić is Professor of Dance Theory at the Oslo National Academy of Arts and teaches at P.A.R.T.S. Brussels.