Bob Gilbert

An Urban Safari with Bob Gilbert as part of Spring Season

‘Whilst the city is often seen as simply an absence of countryside, our streets and buildings form a fascinating habitat in their own right. This 'urban safari' sets out to explore the area around the Elephant, to reveal its hidden wildness and to understand how a surprising variety of plants and animals can survive in such a seemingly hostile environment. And attached to each, as this walk will uncover, is a wealth of story; of myth, magic and medicine, of past uses and present associations.’


Bob Gilbert is Director of Environmental Sustainability in the London Borough of Islington, working on environmental impacts at a local level -including climate change, the depletion of natural resources and biodiversity.

He has written and broadcast on a wide range of environmental topics including his book 'The Green London Way' - describing a 100 mile exploration of routes encircling London. This reflects his particular interest in urban walking and the ecology of the inner city, and in finding new ways to see, and interpret, our everyday environment and the richness of its unseen wildlife.