Billie Hanne

Performance | Julyen Hamilton and Billie Hanne
Julyen Hamilton - The Immaterial World

This is Hamilton’s take on the beyond 
as it resides right in the here and now. Over the past 15 years Julyen Hamilton made many solos where the spoken word has played a clear and powerful role. In The Immaterial World words are left to be as they might be in another realm. Here, the voice is mainly wordless. Here, other matters matter.

Billie Hanne - Palace

Oh Palace,

What night were we born?

is a performance piece that brings to the surface the deep language housed inside our body. Billie Hanne (BE) makes poetry for the page and for the theatre and is founder of The Wheel, a Theatre of the Poetic Imagination.


THE WHEEL (Brussels, BE) is a Theatre of Poetic Imagination. It wants to celebrate poetry and stir the poetic soul of its audience. THE WHEEL was launched in the spring of 2012 and premiered with Minor Arcana in early summer. Currently it presents the duet Horse/Moist with Julyen Hamilton and Billie Hanne, and a solo performance titled Palace with Billie Hanne.

THE WHEEL is fiercely independent and curated by Billie Hanne. This means she listens to the stories it tells her and puts it to bed at night. She waters it as if it were a fragile flower and she makes sure its breath circulates through the pores of our skin.
Billie Hanne is a poet. She has published two poetry albums, Saved/Unsaved The Rainbow and Wild Flight. She has been a member of ALLEN'S LINE, the Julyen Hamilton Company, since 2009 and takes part in its triptych The Arrival - The Voyage - Local Talk.