Bettina Neuhaus

Morning Class | Monday 5 March - Friday 9 March 2018 | 10am - 12noon
In these classes, we will investigate how to expand our availability to listen and respond to the actions and imagination of our body in order to participate more fully in our dancing.
We will use touch, breath and movement to delve deeper into specific areas, such as the spine, the torso, the hip joints and the eyes.
Acknowledging the particular perspective and quality that each area provides within our perception of self and other, gives rise to a wider spectrum of specificity in our actions and choices.
As the different existing connections within our body become more present, available and articulate, we can navigate with ease and playfulness through the full orchestration of the body whilst being deeply rooted in our dancing.
Participating in the ongoing dialogue between inner and outer awareness with fluid attention, leads to a compelling clarity and meaning in our dancing - alone or together.


Bettina Neuhaus is an Amsterdam-based dance artist, director and researcher who has been working in the field of performance internationally for more than 25 years, collaborating with dancers, musicians, visual artists, poets and philosophers. In addition to her work as prominent improviser, she creates performative installations, site-specific performances and lecture-demonstrations.
Bettina’s work is propelled by her fascination of the dancing body, with its inherent imagination and intelligence, its poetry and musicality, and its infinite possibilities of transformation and expression through which we connect to the world.
She is a certified Skinner Releasing Teacher at both Introductory and Ongoing levels. She holds a Masters in Creative Practice from Independent Dance / Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London and a Masters in Music from the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen.
Bettina teaches SRT and Instant Composition extensively at major academies, festivals and studios across Europe and South America. Additionally, ki-practice with its approach of energy, centred strength and the spatial relationship of the body in motion is an essential aspect of her practice.
In 2014, together with Ursula Sabatin, she initiated TanzuferInternational, a platform for dance- and music-performances; the productions SWIFT and plot have been presented across Europe. Her recent performance work includes collaborations with Laurel Tentindo Eva Karczag, Vanessa Grasse and Akemi Nagao.