Becky Edmunds


Becky Edmunds trained as a dancer and choreographer at Laban Centre, London in the mid 1980’s.

She produced live art and dance work, both as a solo artist and in collaboration with visual artists, photographers, scientists and dance artists until 2000, when she shifted to a screen-based practice.

Her video work now has two distinct strands, which inform and influence each other. She has a research-led screen dance art practice, which seeks to deepen the screen application of dance practice. In 2006, she was supported by an Arts Council International Fellowship to be artist-in-residence at the VideoDanza Festival de Buenos Aires (Argentina), creating during her time there, a series of dance shorts which toured internationally. In 2009 she continued her video practice through a residency in Sweden as a guest of the SHOOT Dance for Screen festival.

She also works as a specialist dance videographer and has collaborated with a number of dance and performance artists and organisations to produce video documentation.

Becky has made a series of documentaries including the installation Working Day (2003), and the short film Have You Started Dancing Yet? (2004) which toured national and international screen dance festivals. In 2008, she completed Living Architecture - a 40 minute documentary on Rudolf Laban.

Becky is a member of of the artist-led group Movement 12, and an Associate Artist with Blast Theory.

Becky Edmunds