Bebe Miller

My own interests as a choreographer are in finding context in the physical expression, along with its reverse: using physicality as a device for locating oneself in our current times. How we listen to the weight of a gesture, how we qualify the space between movers is a constant current, packaged with how we hear/see ourselves in the world. If we take it on faith that our composing eye is active while we're making sense of what's around us, perhaps the connections between idea and action can be seen as ongoing discovery rather than problems to be solved. I'm interested in creating a space for in-depth exchange on the manner of process as well as aesthetic range and detail.

What's the path from idea to dancing? Where did you get stuck today, and is it the same as yesterday? What are current obstacles in current work? Where is the flow heading? These are useful questions (which we may not solve) to instigate action and conversation, to help in using our studio mindset (which one do I put on to begin?) as a creative practice.

During the course of the workshop we will use improvisational structures and compositional trial-and-outcome to generate movement vocabulary as well as context. Locating initiation and focus in the body, in dynamic, in phrase-making and state-making, we will accumulate dance 'matter' in line, hopefully, with our lives.


Born in Brooklyn, New York, where she was raised by her mother, Bebe Miller began childhood dance study with Murray Louis at the Henry Street Settlement on Manhattan's Lower East Side. In 1971 she graduated from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, with a degree in art, and four years later earned her master's degree in dance from Ohio State University. From 1976 to 1982 Miller danced with Nina Weiner and Dancers, where she developed a quietly intense, passionate style.

In 1984 she formed the Bebe Miller Company with an "interest in finding a physical language for the human condition." Miller's choreography has been noted for its mix of virtuosic, athletic speed and the fragile human impulse behind it. Miller has choreographed works for the Boston Ballet, Oregon Ballet Theatre, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, the Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble, and the PACT Dance Company of Johannesburg, South Africa. Among her awards and fellowships are two Bessie awards for performance (1986 and 1987), a Guggenheim Fellowship (1988), and an American Choreographer Award (1988).

Bebe Miller