Barbara Mahler

Workshop Description | Sunday 11 October | 11am - 5pm

Klein Technique™ has been in development since the mid 1970's. It is a cohesive movement system that connects the body and mind. The result, over time, is a clarity and sureness of movement, fluidity, and a new level of understanding the innate intelligence of one's body. When the bones are aligned we become connected and grounded; efficient and alive. Firmly grounded in the principles of change, possibilities, and efficiency through the tools of process, the technique weaves together theory and practice. The workshop will focus on the inherent relationship between these principles and our personal relationship to our bodies.

Class Description | Morning Class | Monday 12 - Friday 16 October 2015

Klein Technique™
In these classes we will work to align the bones by using the four deep muscle groups in the pelvis that are responsible for the transfer of forces through the body. We do not work to “exercise” these muscles but rather work to “wake them up”; and use them for support and realignment of the bones. In this week of class we will touch upon the deep internal musculature and supportive connections in the pelvis that move and ground us - between the pelvis, the legs and the earth and back up through the skeleton.

Class Description | Monday Night Improvisation | 12 October 2015

We work towards, and teach the body to be elastic, responsive, open to choices, and expressive. Movement and the treatment of each individual student’s body, mind and spirit with kindness, respect and generosity is our ultimate goal. And finally and most importantly, the body does not exist alone but in connection to the ground, the space, and to others.


Barbara Mahler is a widely respected choreographer, performer, movement educator, bodyworker; recipient of a 2013 BAX Arts Educator Award. She travels extensively as a guest artist to many festivals and colleges across the U.S, Canada, and Europe, as a master teacher of and major contributor in the development and outreach of Klein Technique™. Her choreographic vision and passion is the small and intimate dance for large and small spaces. An alumn of Hunter College, NYC, she holds an MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Barbara has been a recipient of the many grants for her choreographer and teaching.