Antonio de la Fe

Class Description | Morning Class | 30 September - 4 October 2019

What do we do when we say we are performing? How do we work on that very thing we call to perform? Whatever this thing called performing may be, it and its work are undeniably idiosyncratic. Your performing is your own and I am the only one guilty of mine. We can’t help but work on it on our own but… can we do this work individually yet benefit from doing it together? In other words, can you do it yourself but without having to do it alone?

Drawing from their experiences facilitating OPENLAB, their study of the Klein Technique™ and improvisatory practices, and from their interest in mindful engagement in physical action, Antonio’s classes will encourage participants to take responsibility and ownership whilst working on one's own dancing – at the same time Antonio will serve the participants as an anchor to guide them through their explorations.


Antonio is a Spanish choreographer and performer based in London with a background in physiotherapy. After coming relatively late to dance and initially studying in Madrid, they moved to London and completed an MA in performance at The Place in 2010. Since then they have performed for Florence Peake, Matthias Sperling, Eva Recacha, Riccardo Buscarini and Jonathan Lunn. Their choreographed works include Place Prize finalist 2011 Cameo, an open OPENLAB: a hybrid, Va x Vds. and A Void. Also, they are a co-founder of the performance collective anthologyofamess.

Antonio was a recipient of the BBC Performing Arts Fund Fellowship, with support from Independent Dance, in 2015. During this fellowship, they worked on researching and developing their Unrehearsed Series (Crocodile, Make Me Cool, A Piece for Two: Lovers) in collaboration with producer Martine Painter. Currently, they are expanding on the idea of the Unrehearsed Series and developing a set of choreographic practices under the name Speculative Choreographies.

Antonio is a certified Klein Technique™ teacher since July 2019.