Antonija Livingstone

Class Description | Morning Class | 4 - 8 November 2019

Antonija Livingstone (Berlin)
with guest intervention by Mich Cota (Montreal)

A.Livingstone shares aspects of her recent choreographic research project
CHAUD [collection 20]
Things / Actions/ Relations
for « …a queer divine dissatisfaction : a blessed unrest…. »
This workshop considers a Vandalism of
{queer} methods in and out of studio / in a class dance.
Killjoys, Spoil Sports, Curmudgeons, Pilgrims, any curious bodies are welcome.
Patience, sense of humour and personal responsibility required.
Some hours are devoted to intimate experimental somatics in studio
Some hours are devoted to directed movement meditations with messy companion materials outside (water / mud / manure / plant waste)
An Intervention mid week is directed by guest artist composer/performer Mich Cota (Montreal).
Thinking and dancing alone and together we are inspired in part by scholar Sara Ahmed : the workshop touches on methods to cultivate écologies of attention and slow somatic subversions. Taboos, Triggers, Trouble are to be expected and negotiated with by participants as their own dance partners. Do. Don’t do. Modify. Witness. Report.


Antonija Livingstone EE/CA is based in Berlin. Self-taught, her practice evolves via queer methods and operates at the intersection of performance and plastic arts, often in situ. Her background growing up in the midst of itinerant gold mining camps in the Canadian North West informs her intimacy with the elements and a capacity for a practice of improvised ways and means. A need for re-enchantment provokes her strategies for collaborations with visual artists, dance artists and neighbors . Together troubling the business of spectatorship, loving unruly bodies, and upending normative means of perceiving and creating things/ actions/ relations / remedies. With the insight of an outsider Livingstone often works in solitude, but also strives to activate inclusive assemblages of folk, creatures, materials, and techniques to co-operate on performing aesthetic problems and durational contemplative actions together ; oddkin inhabitations and their traces. The work is often rendered as collections, raw repetitive studies, made of blushing encounters between paradoxical companions, trembling between genres, sans papiers…
Formerly, as a dancer and choreographer Livingstone has performed most extensively with Meg Stuart/ Damaged Goods Brussels / Berlin, and Benoit Lachambre Par BL.eux, Montreal, and her own independent work in collaboration with producer Fanny Virelizier/ KILL THE DJ, Paris.Associate Artist Ménagerie de Verre, Paris Resident Artist Darling Foundry, Montreal 2018 From her collaborative body of work for film, theatre, gallery and gardens Culture, Administration & Trembling ( 2014) Supernatural ( 2016) have been shared in the UK

Mich Cota is a Two-Spirit Algonquin-mixed woman working across community lines and disciplines. Her work is focused on celebrating queerness, trans visibility, and the spectrum of Indigeneity. Cota recently won an award for most significant musical work in an alternative format at the Indigenous Voices Awards 2018.