Anna Macdonald

Workshop Description | Sat 28 Oct 2017 | 11am - 5pm

Acts of Holding

Anna Macdonald is a dance artist and scholar whose work spans dance, live art and film. In the last five years she has been looking at containment as a creative process. She has been thinking about the idea of art/dance as a container that holds things from life in one place for a while: a container that works to consolidate, temporarily, what is inside it. Anna will invite people to look at…

- How they make decisions to hold on to or let go of things in their work, as part of a process of identification and intensification
- How their artwork ‘holds’ potential viewers
- What they hold on to in their practice
- What holds them

The workshop is for dance artists,visual/performance artists, filmmakers – all artists who make work. Part of the day will involve participants thinking through their current practice and part will involve generating something new.

Artist talk | Fri 27 Oct 2017 | 7 - 8.30pm

Anna will be talking about the idea of holding as a curatorial act within her current dance and moving image practice.


Anna Macdonald is an artist scholar whose work spans moving image, screendance, performance and installation and is exhibited in galleries and festivals. She is interested, influenced by Mark Johnson’s (2008) notion of bodily ‘schema,’ in using film to expose the emotional and conceptual resonance of simple actions such as, moving from ‘here to there’, ‘unfolding’ or ‘getting slower’. She specialises in working directly with the public, finding ways to intensify and articulate people’s experiences in ways that can be understood by others.

Anna’s work has being selected for festivals such as; Agite y Sirva and Muestro Movimiento, Mexico, Art Currents, New York, VideodanzBA, Argentina, Dascamdans, Belgium, Athens Videodance Project and Miden Festival, Greece and was nominated for the International Video Dance awards in Barcelona. She has exhibited nationally in galleries such as Somerset House and Arts depot, London, Home, Manchester and Blue Coat Arts Centre, Liverpool and her work was recently selected as a flagship project for Peckham platform’s AHRC funded research into socially engaged art. Alongside her free-lance work Anna is a part-time Senior Lecturer in Dance at Manchester Metropolitan University and recent articles about her practice can be found in the International Journal of Screendance, Body, Space & Technology Journal and Choreographic Practices Journal.