Andréya Ouamba

Andréya and Matthias met in 2007 and have since worked on a number of improvisation projects under the title DIPLOMACY. They create complex systems of encounters where the smallest of gestures become significant events, and generate movement ricocheting from body to body. Like political diplomacy, their work is imbued with a sense of formality and elegance.

Diplomacy 2 was shown as part of Dance Umbrella 2009 in the Clore Studio, Royal Opera House on 9 & 10 October. The class will introduce participants to methods and approaches of the DIPLOMACY projects.
Part of Dance Umbrella 2009 African Crossroads


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Born in Congo, based in Senegal, Andréya Ouamba is one of the major emerging choreographers in West Africa. He won first prize at the prestigious competition Danse L’Afrique Danse 2007 with the duet Improvisé 2, which has since toured globally.

Andréya Ouamba was invited by Festival Avignon to commission a solo for him by Kenyan artist Opiyo Okach, which has also toured internationally, including at the Theater der Welt in Germany in Summer 2008.

Andreya is a catalyst of dance development in Dakar. He is the artistic director and organizer of AEx Corps, a periodical workshop and experimental programme for West African dancers. He is also currently working on a collaborative project and tour with Reggie Wilson in the US.

Andréya Ouamba