Andrew Morrish


Andrew Morrish began performance improvisational work, part time, with Al Wunder's 'Theatre of the Ordinary' in Melbourne in 1982.
In 1987 he co-founded the improvisational movement theatre duet 'Trotman and Morrish' with Peter Trotman. Together they performed 14 self-funded seasons in Melbourne in addition to numerous other one-off performances (including the Greenmill Dance Festival, Melbourne in 1994, 1995 and 1997). They also performed in the United States, most notably in the New York Improvisation Festival in 1995 and 1997. In 1999 they performed in 'Antistatic' at the Performance Space (Sydney) and in 'Dancers are Space-eaters' at PICA (Perth).
In 2000 he moved to Sydney and based his teaching and solo performance practice at Omeo Dance Studio. In 2002 he relocated his work in Europe and now teaches and performs extensively in France, Nederlands, Germany, Switzerland and the U.K.
He is also often invited to work with individual and small groups of performers to mentor their improvisational development. Artists with whom he has worked in this way include Samir Akika Company, (Munster- dance/theatre), Ulrike Quade (Amsterdam-puppetry), Mischa van Dullerman, Anat Geiger and Klaus Jurgen (Amsterdam-theatre/dance), Antje Pfundner (Hamburg-dance), All Audreys (Hobart-theatre, Jens Biedermann (Lucerne theatre/dance) and Bronja Novac (Goteberg) with Suzanne Martin (Berlin) and Katherine Eriksson(San Francisco) in dance and performance.
He has developed, and continues, long term collaborative relationships with Tony Osborne (improvisation) in Sydney, Crosby McCloy (writing and performance improvisation), Sten Rudstrom (performance improvisation) in Berlin, and Martha Rodezno (improvisation) in Paris.
He has been a Research Associate at University of Huddersfield since February 2006, and was appointed as an Honorary Research Fellow in December 2008. In Huddersfield he regularly collaborates with John Britton and Hilary Elliot on a variety of research and performance projects relating to improvisational performance.
In October 2006 he facilitated a research project on improvisation for 14 artists and a team of 4 researchers in 'Precipice' at the Australian Choreographic Centre, Canberra. In collaboration with Peter Trotman and Tony Osborne he also facilitated Precipice in 2007.
In 2008 he facilitated the Huddersfield Improvisation Project (HIP), 3 days of directed reflective practice for experienced improvisers, which led to a research report completed in 2009. (Extracts soon to be published on his site).
He has been a member of Neil Thomas' Urban Dream Capsule, an extended 'live-in' installation in store windows, which initially appeared in the 1996 Melbourne International Arts Festival. Between 1996 and 2006 it ran 14 times in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Oceania.