Andrea Buckley

Class Description | Morning Class, 15 - 19 February 2021 | ONLINE

"These classes will create an investigative process of tuning in, expanding attention and navigating our physical world to encounter our relationship with gravity. We will at times dive into our internal landscape and at other times be present with the outside world. Building a learning environment that can allow each of us to encounter different aspects of matter as the physical substance and encourage an aliveness and flow throughout the system.

Taking time to listen, work with imagery and principles of touch and being touched will help deepen our practice - working independently and together inhabiting our various spaces. A constellation of activity, of presence shared from a simple focus, to awaken and establish our senses whilst moving together. Such events illuminating a body of material - physiological, human matter.

Some questions that may guide my teaching during this time: How can we let perception grow? Can patience support our inquiry into finding weighted support? What is the alive experience that moves us moment by moment and how can it nourish how we live as creative beings." Andrea Buckley

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Andrea Buckley is a certified Rolfer & Rolfing Movement practitioner, dance performer, maker and teacher whose work is informed by 30 years of practice. Through various engagements and initiatives within the UK and abroad she has worked with artists such as Rosie Lee, Sue MacLennan, Kirstie Simson, Nancy Stark Smith, Lisa Nelson, Gill Clarke and Deborah Hay amongst others. Her work with Siobhan Davies Dance extends over a period of 16 years.

She has worked in small scale site-specific, theatre and gallery based performance settings, with people ranging from professional dancers, mixed ability groups, dance and theatre students.

Her research draws on an extensive range of improvisation and contact skills and investigative movement practices where process and reflections are grounded in observation, perception, culture and imagination. The emphasis is on the sensing, thinking, moving body.

At present Andrea is a guest lecturer at University of Chester and continues her private practice as a Rolfer in her home town in Merseyside. She also works with Ch4pter and Liverpool Improvisation Collective.