Anaïs Bouts

Experiencing the stretch from a relaxed place

Yoga is a wonderful practice for dancers to find their ground and their centre, listen to their body and release tensions. This Yoga class will focus on deepening the relaxation experience within postures, and creating space in the joints whilst building strength and stamina through the dynamics of the breath flowing in and out of the body.


Anaïs has been practicing Yoga for many years, more recently as a complementary discipline to her dance practice. After training as a professional dance artist at Laban, she went on to study Yoga further in South India, where she qualified as a Sivananda Yoga Teacher. While working as an award-winning choreographer/performer and co-directing MIKS (, she teaches regular Yoga classes to various groups (from general public to children, elderly, professional dancers and musicians), bringing her knowledge of the body and her physical experience into her classes. Anaïs teaches Yoga with a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology. She is always attentive to individual needs, giving personalised corrections throughout the class and keeping the practice both joyful and internal.