Amy Voris

Class Description | Morning Class | 14-18 January 2019

Informed by experiential anatomy and the processual qualities of Authentic Movement, these sessions begin with open structures for improvising which gradually overlap with gentle prompts for generating movement material. In the latter part of the session, we will explore the process of returning to (self-selected) movement material as an invitation to grow and deepen the relationship with it. Overall these sessions are designed to nurture a holistic and situated approach to solo movement practice. The intention is to ready the bodily imagination for further exploration and to cultivate a receptive, capacious and self-directed atmosphere. Time for processing and reflection is embedded into the sessions.


Amy Voris is a dance-maker based in Manchester. Her practice is process-oriented and collaborative, driven by the desire to develop relationships with people and with movement material over long stretches of time. The outcome of the work is contingent on hunches and interactions that occur during the process and varies widely. Examples of current projects include a site-responsive project (enter inhabit), a collaboration with a jewellery maker (flockOmania) and a collaboration with three Northwest artists exploring the curation of experimental performance practices (Accumulations). Her current research is investigating the processes of forming, returning to and deepening the relationship with movement material from the perspective of the dancer-maker, adopting Authentic Movement as a framework through which to practically explore this. Amy has an ongoing commitment to developing artist-led initiatives such as the choreographers’ circle in London, Decoda in Coventry and MARS in Manchester. She has completed training in Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy with Linda Hartley, an approach to the body that underpins her holistic and enquiring approach to making movement.