Amy Bell


Amy Bell is a Brighton based dance artist whose work embraces performing, making, teaching, writing, dramaturgy and curation. Her performance work has included theatrical, installation and site-sensitive works for Tino Sehgal, Lea Anderson, Hussein Chalayan & Damien Jalet, Alessandro Sciarroni, Charlotte Spencer and Maresa von Stockert’s Tilted Productions, Chiara Frigo, and Marco D’Agostin. She is a Work Place artist. Her current solo show The Forecast takes a poetic, ironic look at the cloud-like shiftings of gender and sexual identity. Her installation project TOMBO(Y)LA investigates gender performativity and unruly femininities through body and conversation. She was project writer for Performing Gender 2013-15. She will be presenting Splayed, a festival of disruptive femininities for The Place in early June 2018. Amy has led Next Choreography, a course for young artists at Siobhan Davies Dance since 2016. She facilitates and teaches widely.