Amy Bell

Research Lab 2018 - 5 July

Based on installation piece TOMBO(Y)LA, we’ll dance and talk about how our sense of ‘me-ness’ is always happening in the spaces in between - between people and between modes of communication. We will investigate a series of improvised structures based on witnessing and conversation to ask how it might be that our bodies and identities are in constant, subtle, intersubjective flux. Together we might tune into this dynamic process of becoming and hijack it a little. We’ll also plunge into a state of playful, associative overload by talking and dancing at the same time. This might invite some compelling co-exisitences, cross-currents, ironies, body-puns and brain farts which might encourage us to feel our experience and each other differently. We might ask
How can language and movement influence each other? Can they remain in counterpoint? What does this achieve or feel like?
What aspects of basic subjective experience (physical sensation, body or identity) are interesting to have a conversation about?
What kinds of physical tasks might connect or disconnect to the topic of conversation in interesting or fruitful ways?
How do different people occupy associative, physical 'thinking' and literal, verbal language?


Amy Bell is a Brighton based dance artist whose work embraces performing, making, teaching, writing, dramaturgy and curation. Her performance work has included theatrical, installation and site-sensitive works for Tino Sehgal, Lea Anderson, Hussein Chalayan & Damien Jalet, Alessandro Sciarroni, Charlotte Spencer and Maresa von Stockert’s Tilted Productions, Chiara Frigo, and Marco D’Agostin. She is a Work Place artist. Her current solo show The Forecast takes a poetic, ironic look at the cloud-like shiftings of gender and sexual identity. Her installation project TOMBO(Y)LA investigates gender performativity and unruly femininities through body and conversation. She was project writer for Performing Gender 2013-15. She will be presenting Splayed, a festival of disruptive femininities for The Place in early June 2018. Amy has led Next Choreography, a course for young artists at Siobhan Davies Dance since 2016. She facilitates and teaches widely.