Amarnah Amuludun

Class Description | Monday Night Improvisation | 11 January 2021 | ONLINE

Tapping into our spirits, connecting to your internal rhythm, flowing with instinct. Varying levels of effort, instantly composing dynamic solo expression, connecting to structural rhythm. Opening out to the others, connecting in partners and small groups, rhythmically relating to those we share the space with. Breathe, feel, move, dance, compose.

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Amarnah Amuludun completed her professional dance training at London Contemporary Dance School and postgraduate diploma with Verve at Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Through trainng with Leila McMillan and David Zambrano, Amarnah has developed a deep connection with the Flying Low and Passing Through practices. Amarnah has worked across dance and theatre forms on stages, screens and gallery spaces worldwide. Collaborators include Anton Lachky, Renaud Wiser, Barrowland Ballet, Sampa the Great, 2nd Hand Dance, Made by Katie Green, Marriott Hotels, Sainsbury’s and The Guardian. 
Amarnah is inspired by emotions, music and presence. Her philosophy is that, no matter your body type, age, limitations, gender, beliefs, histories, herstories, the most important thing is to listen to the voice of your body and spirit, to be mindful of its limitations, encouraging challenges but with kindness as well as determination.