Alessandro Certini

To Gather with Alessandro Certini | Sat 8 October 2016
This workshop is about dance improvisation as a collective act; the creation of physical narratives that derive from sensing contexts. Uniting movement study and personal creativity, the practice enhances one’s performance presence.
The workshop focuses on real time composition by engaging action through listening, tracking, reading and moulding the improvisation as it proceeds. The study uses imagination, both personal and collective, to play with the vitality of compositional choices in the precariousness of the present moment.


Alessandro Certini began his dance training in Florence with Streiff Traut Faggioni (Wigman, Kreutzberg). He has been influenced by Post-Modern techniques, ballet and Contact Improvisation. His professional career started in 1979 as a founding member of Group-O directed by Katie Duck and has toured in Europe with this company until ’87. Since then Alessandro has worked with improvisation and choreographic skills that combine dance and theater to create his own language and style. He has worked in many productions with leading European and American improvisers, dancers and musicians. With Charlotte Zerbey tours with Company Blu, programmes and promotes dance projects and performances at Teatro della Limonaia in Sesto Fiorentino (Florence).