Air Field

WHAT Remains 2016

This piece consists of a series of rememberings.
Randomly selected objects of movement, image and sound.
Three performers: choreographer, sound artist and video artist, select aspects from their previous work - memories reaching back over a series of collaborations with others and with each other. We are inspired by the collaborative creative process.


Choreographer Ian Spink, film artist Alan Paterson and sound artist Bill Thompson have worked together for several years as the multidisciplinary group Air Field. Together they create site specific performances responding to contemporary events, mythology and everyday life. Additionally, they lead the multidisciplinary creative workshop fast&Dirty for professional artists to encourage new ways of working. Individually, they are also active as practitioners: Ian was a founder member of the company Second Stride, Bill performs regularly in the UK, and Alan has assembled a large body of video documentation from Scottish based independent dance artists.