Adriana Pegorer

Monday Night Improvisation | 23 November 2020 | ONLINE

“Silences and vacuums”.
This improvisational class is about revisiting lockdown experiences as a source for movement explorations.

As a result of restrictions on social activities during the pandemic, the natural and the human worlds have been undergoing significant changes. During those guided explorations we will revisit and let ourselves be moved by personal memories: images, sounds, moods, smells and any other sensations.

How does the body respond to no planes in the sky? To sparse traffic? To minimal, monitored human contact and interaction? To living locally?

There will be an opportunity for people to share some of their reflections and observations during the session.

Please bring to class/your space whatever you think you may need for writing or drawing or comfort.
Please make sure you are familiar with the space you will be moving in prior to the session.

This class will be delivered online on Zoom.
Participants can choose to join on Zoom from their own space (please select Online Class ticket), or Siobhan Davies Studios, where the teacher will be projected live in the studio. (select Studio-based class ticket).

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Adriana Pegorer is an interdisciplinary dance artist from Italy.
From a young age she enjoyed being active at the small family farm. As a teenager she competed in the local athletic and volleyball teams and choreographed a few amateur pieces. After moving to London in the ’90s, she started training professionally in the Performing Art and Dance, gaining a Batchelor Degree from Chichester University in 2001. Other qualifications include Exercise & Fitness, mat-work Pilates, Fascial Fitness and Holistic Massage.

She has devised and performed several experimental works mixing choreography with improvisation, video and new technology in the UK and abroad. Her award-winning dance film ‘Double One’ had been shown extensively. In her works – often performing solo’s- she deals with cultural, political and identity issues which are partly informed by her own immigrant status, the #metoo and #BLM movements.
She is passionate about Tango Argentino, Contact Improvisation, Japanese Butoh and an active learner of Ideokinesis and many other release-based techniques (many of which she studied at the Independent Dance programme).
For the last 20 years she cultivated the fusion of Contact Improvisation with Tango Argentino and curated four international research weeks (2012-2015).

In 2008 Adriana founded the community organization Chiaroscuro offering inclusive movement education opportunities that foreground kinaesthetic awareness over visual mimesis. It started with sessions at the Royal National Institute for the Blind People and it progressed into the Moving Perceptions project.
She presented her own research at various symposiums and her writings include 'Performing Gender in Milongas of Buenos Aires' (2008); 'Close your eyes and …. Dance!’(2010); 'Tango Diferente' (2013); ‘'It takes two to win' (2015); “Why Contact Tango?” (2019).

After independently studying with Prof. Marta E. Savigliano (2007) and Prof. Drid Williams (2011) she is currently pursuing her MA Dance and Anthropology at Roehampton University.