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About us

ID was created by independent dance artists in the 1980s to further their own professional development, and has the longest running year-round training programme in the UK. We are based at Siobhan Davies Studios where we aim to expand our advocacy role and act as a hub to develop dialogue beyond our own borders.

For information on ID’s beginnings and recent past see the Timeline.


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Kirsty Alexander  –   Co-Director and MA Creative Practice Programme Lead Tutor

Kirsty Alexander sets the overall artistic direction for Independent Dance, and develops the year-round programme in collaboration with the ID team, artists and partner organisations.
She also develops opportunities and partnerships for Independent Dance relating to H.E.
Kirsty took on the role of Co-Director on 2 March 2015, taking over from Fiona Millward.

After studying law and then training in contemporary dance Kirsty performed with a diverse range of artists including Gill Clarke, Gaby Agis, Rosemary Butcher, Michael Clark, Michel Laub and Station House Opera.  Her own choreographic work is generally site specific and in collaboration with artists from other disciplines.

She has been involved in educating dancers within the higher education sector for over 15 years, including as Head of Undergraduate Studies at Laban from 2000-2004 and as Assistant Director of London Contemporary Dance School from 2005-2010.

As a certified teacher of Skinner Releasing Technique her approach to the philosophy of education has been significantly influenced by somatic practice and she is associate editor of the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices.

Being curious about how kinaesthetic experience could influence wider philosophical and educational thinking she undertook the MA Values in Education at the Institute of Education, London and in October 2010 was awarded a University of Stirling PhD studentship in order to approach the question of a just education from a kinaesthetic perspective.

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Gitta Wigro  –  Co-Director

Gitta Wigro provides executive direction for Independent Dance, across organisational, creative and financial work.

Gitta has been working in dance management since 2000. Before joining ID in 2012, she worked for Arts Council England as a dance relationship manager in the London team, and was a key member of the Artist Development team at The Place for several years.
She also works as a programmer, curator, lecturer and mentor for international dance film projects.

Gitta trained and worked as a choreographer, dancer and teacher in England and Germany. She holds a BA from London Contemporary Dance School (1999) and an MA in choreography from Laban (2003).

For more information about Gitta’s work in dance film, visit her website at

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Ella Tighe  –  Administrator

Ella has a first class BA Hons Degree in Dance Making and Performance, and continues to perform and make alongside her role as administrator at ID. Prior to ID, Ella interned at Decoda and Notafe, Estonia. Ella’s continued dance practice, feeds into and informs the work she undertakes as administrator for ID. Her dance practice extends into yoga, as a qualified teacher of Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga, Ella teaches as part of Siobhan Davie’s Dance class program.

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Amy Voris and Sarah Spies – Guest curators autumn 2017

Dance artists Amy Voris and Sarah Spies are our invited guest curators for the autumn 2017 season. They have selected the morning class, Monday night improvisation and workshops programme for the September-November period.

Read more about them and their curatorial concept here.



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ID and SDD jointly host 30-week placements from University of Surrey’s BA Dance and Culture programme.
We value that many of the former placements continue their relationship with ID in one way or another.

Jonathan Lui 2017/18

Claudia Tonietto 2016/17

Sarah Teasdale 2015/16

Georgina Batchelor 2013/14

Alana Jones 2012/13

Rachel Gildea 2011/12

Julie Havelund 2010/11

Siân Goldby 2009/10

Dawn Threadkill 2007/08

Iris Chan 2006/07



2011-2012 Janine Harrington                       2015 Antonio de la Fe



ID would not be the same without the support of its dedicated volunteers.
Ambassadors offer their help at ID events and are advocates of the organisation in their professional lives.

Our first cohort of Ambassadors (then known as ‘Angels’) started in November 2011:

Helka Kaski

Margarita Zafrilla Olayo

Rachel Gomme

Rosalie Wahlfrid

and new Ambassadors joined the group in 2013:

Iris Chan

Rachel Gildea

Julie Havelund

Stephanie Townsend

Claudia Tonietto (joined after finishing her placement in 2017)